Squid salad

Watch this video to learn how to cook a squid salad.

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Ingredients: Rice 1 glass Cucumber 1 pc Eggs 2 pcs Squid 500 grams Canned Corn 300 grams Salt 1-2 tsp Rice: Take a middle size cooking pod, add 1 glass of rice, and 2 glasses of water. Put it to boil. Eggs: Put 2 eggs to cook in a small cooking pot. Squid: Take a large cooking pot and put it on a maximum heat. Bring water to a boil. Rice: When water starts boiling, reduce the heat and leave it until all water evaporates. Cucumber: Pill the cucumber. Cucumber: Cut the cucumber into small cubes and add it to the salad bowl. Squid: When water starts boiling, add fresh squid and cook for a maximum of 3 minutes! Squid: After 3 minutes, remove water and let the squid to cool down. Squid: Cut the cooked squid into small cubes or thin stripes. Squid: Add the squid to other ingredients in the salad bowl. Corn: Add sweet corn into the salad bowl. Eggs: After the eggs have boiled for about 10 minutes, remove them from water and cool them down. Eggs: Pill the eggs, cut them into small cubes, and add them to the other ingredients in the salad bowl. Rice: When rice is cool, add it to the salad bowl. Stir all the ingredients. Salt: Add one teaspoon of salt and stir all ingredients together. Serve: Serve the salad on a plate with mayonnaise or Greek yogurt. Enjoy Your Meal!!!