Pelmeni, a famous Russian food recipe

Watch this video to learn the fastest way to cook the Russian Tortellini known as Pelmeni.

Learn how to prepare a surprise Pelmeni for your family and friends.

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A fast way to prepare a traditional Russian dish





Lucky Pel'meni

If you are preparing Pelmeni for a party like the New Year's Eve, you can add, for example, raisins into few of them. Whoever gets Pel'meni with raisins inside, will be lucky in the New Year!


If you have some dough left, you can make another thin sheet and make more Pel'meni! If you have some meat left, you can make more dough.


Once all Pelmeni are shaped, it is better to store them in the freezer. It is also better to freeze them for at least 2 hours before cooking. it will prevent them from sticking.



Pelmeni are ready when they float on the surface of the boiling water. Serve Pelmeni to a plate. Add sour cream, butter or vinegar if desired.

Enjoy your meal!